Enhance your HR Sales experience with a powerful search engine for clients, their vacancies and their decision makers and campaign-driven, automated messaging

How it works

Find the right clients for your candidates

With Salessearch, the user is able to search through multiple job boards and has the results summarized one screen.

In the background, the application is looking for decision makers – individually for each specific vacancy & industry – and finds the relevant names & contact details.

Send emails efficiently

In the next step, the user can create a specific marketing email by using smart fields provided by the application. Specifically designed for sales teams in mind, a Spam filter ensures that no contact person is contacted twice and any person or company on a ‘Do Not Contact’ list will never be contacted.

The application is able to contact decision makers automatically with individual marketing emails. Currently, the solution is in a closed beta phase but we are open to co-creating with clients.

If you are interested in using Salessearch as your digital sales solution, get in touch with us!

Empower your sales campaigns

Salessearch can be used in a campaign-driven way, meaning: You can create campaigns by sending out your first few automated emails to a selection of clients. Whenever you feel like advancing to the next stage of a campaign, you can do so with just a click of a button. Beforehand you may also exclude certain clients in case they have already responded negatively to your emails.

Campaigns are available in a company scope. That way you can be sure that no potential client get’s involved in multiple campaigns at once. It also means that your colleagues can take over a campaign at any given moment without any extra work.

With this, your sales email campaigns will be highly automated and streamlined, giving teams more time for the more enjoyable parts of their job.

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